Sunday, August 14, 2011

Government Crooks

After looking at where the country is going and where the Government is pushing the country I can see the workers being targeted by the Government while the welfare class is getting everything they want until the corrupt Congress and President flee the country with all the money they stole and leave the people to fight for survival.

Let's face the truth. This government and anyone tied to this government are just continuing a criminal policy against the American people. They piss on the Constitution they lie to the American people with the help of the propaganda media. How many times have you heard the media spill one line and then the truth comes out and its turns out to be the government stand the media was pushing and not the truth or anything closely related to the truth.

We have a President who spends more time on vacation and campaigning then doing the job of the office. If you say otherwise, prove it.

We have a Congress that exempts themselves from the very laws they push on us... Since when are they above the law? Why are they pushing Obama Care that is against the Constitution and exempt themselves? Why are Congressmen and women getting into office as regular people but leave the office as mega multi millionaires? Not just one or two million but we are talking hundreds of millions. Go visit There you will find the truth.

We have the Department of Education that will not teach our children. Why?

We have a President that has blocked all gas and oil production in America, so we will are tied to overseas oil. This sends our tax dollars to our enemies. Why?

We have a President and Congress that has created bills and laws that prohibit job growth but increases the welfare class and increased taxes. Why?

The President at every chance he gets tells the American people the rich must pay their fare share. But refuses to say what that is? He is promoting class warfare, race warfare and now having the FBI going after any American that pays cash for their purchase. Why?

When are the American people going to open their eyes and see the corruption that is flooding the hallways in Washington. It is long overdue to CUT OFF the welfare class and then see how much effort they put in the stealing vs seeking a job. I bet 95% will steal. Stealing a flat screen TV will not put food on the table or a roof over their heads. Where you gonna hang that TV and how are you going to power it? America has to wake up to the reality. The crooks are in charge and until we arrest them and put them in prison the country will continue to deteriorate.

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