Friday, August 12, 2011

UK Welfare Class and American Welfare Class

If you watched any programs from the UK this week you find that there is a government hindering the raising of children just like our government does in America. Not allowed to discipline children without getting in trouble.

In UK you have Welfare class getting something for nothing, just like America the welfare class gets everything for nothing. Now with Obama Care the welfare class thinks they can get free health care. The tax payers and the Constitution may have something else to say about that.

In UK the business owners and tax payers are getting tired of paying for the Government and the welfare class, just like the conservatives and the tax payer in America.

In UK the citizens could not protect their property so the looters had no fear, stealing whatever they wanted without fear of backlash. Unlike UK the American people still have a right to bear arms and protect themselves and their property. So the looters will find the working end of a weapon in their face.

I have no problem in helping my fellow man. My problem is them doing nothing to deserve the help. They refuse to seek work. All they do is scream and protest until they get what they want. If they get out and do an honest day's work I have no problem in helping them out. If they want to do nothing I have no problem is giving them squat. They have a choice. If they choose to do nothing then they can expect nothing.

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