Saturday, January 8, 2011

A shooting in AZ

News conference is going on now (1/8/2011 8PM ET) in AZ, and the AZ Sheriff is calling for the shutdown certain NEWS channel and certain Radio stations because he feels they are responsible for the shooting in AZ today. Mind you no evidence has come forward yet. Right now just his opinion nothing more.

I feel that this is a man who wants to see the freedoms of Americans to vanish and move more to a police state. If this is a vision of things to come I see the police state going after any American with a weapon. Anyone with an opinion could be arrested.

There will no longer be debates at town halls, without the debater being arrested for possible "thought crimes". Anyone who disagrees with the current office holder could find themselves imprisoned for just arguing with a federal officer.

This is very scary for Freedoms in America. The Tea Party, the Constitution Party and all Conservative people in America need to stand up and become a voice to this Sheriff and all politicians in and out of Washington, D.C.

I am very sadden by the shootings in AZ and the deaths that occurred from this shooting. I believe that law enforcement and the courts should go after this shooter with everything the Constitution allows. But to alter the Constitution because of one shooting is showing the American people that this is not what America stands for. This would lead to a police state. I can't see any good coming from trying to turn America into a police state.

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