Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gang of 6 over rules the entire Congress?

Since when does the gang of 6 over rule the entire Congress? I thought this was America? Where the entire Congress debated and voted on a bill. Not just a few Liberals in a back room destroying this country. It was America when I was born, now I am not sure? Too many crooks in office and Americans to lazy to do their Constitutional right and vote these crooks out of office.

We are going to wind up like Greece, bankrupt and the people in power vanish with all the money they could get their greedy grubby hands on. Greece is going to take down Europe and Obama is going to take down America.



To view the real crooks in America. Did you know about a 6th of Congress has used insider trading to get rich? It is illegal for everyone else to do insider trading but Congress feels they are about the law. Above Obama Care, Above you and me.

And yet you still vote these crooks back into office. Knowing they are going to FU*K you over and over. Now they want to raise 1 TRILLION in new taxes. So much for responsible Government.

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