Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to reduce US Debt

Well, first lets repeal Obama Care.

Then get remove all Democrats from Office. They do not have any idea how to save money, only spend money. The only way they know to generate money is to tax anyone who makes money and call them rich.

Just by doing that you could save 5 or more Trillion Dollars.

That would be a great start.

If a company goes bankrupt don't bail them out. They went bankrupt because of bad business practices and by bailing them out it just encourages bad business practices.

If Joe Blow Citizen wants to spend all his money on things, like flat panel TV's, Video Games, Computers, High priced cell phones and nothing for retirement. Well, then they can sell all those goodies for retirement. But it should not be the burden of the American Taxpayer to bail out their retirement because they wanted all the latest gadgets. If they choose gadgets over long term retirement and health care then they should suffer the consequences.

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