Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are you happier today than three years ago?

You know, you idiots out there are encouraging this Bozo called Obama to continue to destroy America. Like the title says - Are you happier today than three years ago?

Gas was an average of 1.61 a gallon when Obama got elected.
Today it's an average of 3.88 a gallon. That's 2.27 Dollar increase just say 2/3's more expensive since Obama placed his economic policy in place with the super majority Democratic Congress.
With Gas projected to cap 6+ dollars a gallon that would mean you lose not 2.27 a gallon but you will lose 4.39 a gallon. At an Average of 10-15 Gallons to fill up would mean 43.90 to 65.85 every time you fill up. If you fill up once a week that would mean you would lose 175.60 to 263.40 every month. Don't know about you I don't have 263.40 a month to give to the Government. It's Obama's policy to increase gas prices to collect more money.

If we are on the massive increase cost of things. Let's talk about FOOD!!!
You know Obama and his administration said that Inflation is not bad at all if you DON'T COUNT FOOD or GAS. Well since Food and Gas take up much of your free cash to say if you don't count it Inflation is doing fine. If you add Food and Gas into the Inflation equation we are in serious trouble.

Then we talk about purchasing things they add an extensive Gas Adjustment so a 2.00 Item is now costing you 6 to 10 dollars more.

Then we have to look at Housing. This Government has caused the housing collapse with Fanny May and Freddie Mac. Then they refuse to fix the problem. continue the same o same o. and watch this country fall apart.

Let's look at this Administration's civil rights records since Obama got elected. Black panthers not allowing voters to vote and the Administration drops all charges against these criminals. Talk about Justice.

It is long overdue for the American People to show true Justice. We are on the verge of an all out revolution in America. Just listen to Obama and his czars, ex-czars and his Union leaders. They are calling for revolution in America. If we were to go on TV and call for revolution. We would be thrown in Jail. Obama's friends are screaming it and nothing is being done about it.

What happens when the Government demands your weapons? The Military is split. The Unemployed will back Obama (that's their meal ticket) the business owners and conservatives in America will back the TEA PARTY. The rich will leave the country and take the money with them.

Those of you who were denied the education that the government says it provides. Need to do some learning on your own. History tells us that Socialism, Nazism, Liberalism, and Democrats do not work. They want to steal all your money to pay their friends to sit at home and collect a pay cheque. Look at the current Unlimited Unemployment of Obama? a.k.a. Welfare It does not work. Look at Obamacare, it does not work either. All it does is steal your money and ration health care.

So with almost a book of facts do you still think that you are better today than you were 3 years ago?

If you say yes then you are part of the corrupt, getting paid off, or are too stupid to read.

If you said no then get out and tell all your friends and VOTE these crooks out of office. Otherwise we will be meeting in the streets with our guns to fight off the Syrian style government hold on to power. If this was truly the home of the free and the brave those crooks will step down. The corrupt will cling to power any way they can.

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