Saturday, July 16, 2011

The corruption in charge

Quit shoving your head in the sand and pay attention to what this government is doing to you and your country..... Wake up America.

Too many people on a government welfare program of one sort or another. Too many corrupt agencies in the government. Too many corrupt long term politicians in office. Go to to see the real crooks in America.

The housing meltdown was caused by the Liberals, and Democrats who insist that drug addicts and the lazy should have their own home and not rent. So they forced the banks and Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac to absorb the debt. When Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac collapsed due to corrupt management the corrupt government put a few toothpicks under it to sure it up and tell the American people that everything is fine. Then the trillions these companies stole from the American people just vanished into someone's pocket. Not ours. Those toothpicks are ready to snap. Again the American people do nothing.

Re-electing Obama is just saying that there is no problem in America I believe what the propaganda news media says and I still want a handout from my government. The government is not enslaving our children and grandchildren we are. The drug addicts rob their neighbors to buy drugs then get free needles from the government the sex addict wants sexual pleasure but when she get knocked up she wants the government to pay for her abortion. What we have here in America is a lack of RESPONSIBILITY!!! No wonder the rest of the world hates us. This is the land of plenty, plenty of crap by government officials.

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