Sunday, July 31, 2011

Corrupt Govenment and Debt Ceiling.

The verbal battling between the Democrats and the Republicans during this debt ceiling debate shows the fundamental differences between the two. The Democrats want higher taxes with no spending cuts while the Republicans would like all spending cuts and no tax increases.

What are we getting? SCREWED!!!

They will raise the debt ceiling by 3 trillion dollars for 1 1/2 years (just past the election) and raise the debt ceiling again. Offer spending cuts over the next 10 years that future Congresses do not have to honour.

What kind of deal is that?

What we have is a Government completely out of control and are putting on a show for the American people to pretend that they are working for the people while they are in the back rooms slapping each other on the back laughing at how stupid the American people really are to believe this farce thanks to the Government Education system.

We have a criminal in the White House posing as the President who's policies have stagnated the economy. Killed jobs, Raised Gas prices, killed the American dream for millions. Anyone who could consider voting for this criminal should be taken off welfare. They should be made to work even if that means working for their welfare checks. Cleaning sewers, picking fruit, picking up trash, cleaning up after people get sick, after people smear crap all over walls. Then ask them if Welfare is worth it? Or would they like to get off Welfare and get a real job?

When will the American people wake up to the Corruption rampant in Washington??? When will the American people demand their rights back. When will the revolution happen between the people and the Government politicians and Departments??? Will the Government kill the American people to keep its power or will the Government step down and let the American people start a new Government using the Constitution our founding Fathers gave us???

You must decide, you are the American people getting screwed by this Government. We have politicians that exempt themselves from the very laws they pass on us??? They believe they are better than the rest of us. Sounds familiar, the very reason we had a revolution against Great British Empire 235 years ago....

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