Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Government wants to raise the debt - WHY? - Personal Responsibility

What ever happened to Personal Responsibility?

The lazy and the all the people on welfare wants money from the the people who work. Where is Personal Responsibility?

If you look at Washington and mainly the Democrats but Republicans too. They fund Acorn or what was Acorn or what ever names they go by now. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that plunged us into the housing crash. Where was Personal Responsibility?

Public funded abortions and the utter destruction of health care system in America, under the guise of Obama Care. Where is Personal Responsibility?

The failing Education system such as "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND" Teaching to the test instead of teaching. Look at Atlanta where almost 200 teachers and administrators changed test scores, because the system is broken. Where is Personal Responsibility.

The failure of this government to secure our borders, the failure of our government by selling automatic weapons to drug cartels and then trying to blame America for the weapons showing up in Mexico, the failure of this government to quit funding countries that hate us. (Such as Pakistan, who hid Bin Laden). Where is Responsible Government?

There are many places the government can get out of and save billions or even trillions...

The American People have been taught to no longer use their brains to read or use their brains for critical thinking just do what the Democrats, the President and the media tells them what to do and what is important to us (the Liberals). Where is Personal Responsibility?

At the rate at this Government is destroying this great Nation it is almost impossible to fix on the fly and all the people will figure this out too late. They will try to blame everyone for the destruction of America and never look at their lack of Personal Responsibility.

There has never been a free lunch, paycheck, car, home, health care or Television. If you look at what this criminal in office known as the President is doing. On one hand he talks about how great the free market is to make millionaires and on the other hand he says if you make more money than your lazy neighbor you are a criminal and should and will because of his taxes lose most of your money to give to your lazy neighbor. Again Personal Responsibility.



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