Wednesday, September 9, 2009

unbelivable lies

I have scoped out the web and blogs and there is nothing but lies about Obama care. These people that say there is nothing wrong with the public option and you get to keep your insurance. They like Congress did not read the bill. There is a line in there that states. If you as a business owner. If you fire or hire anybody in your business you loose your current insurance and you wind up on Obama care.

They find nothing wrong with Obama speech in the schools. For the speech I saw nothing wrong either. It is the NEA worksheets to the teachers I have a problem with. What can I do to help the President?

I looked at the I pledge my heart and soul to Obama video. I almost puked. I pledge my heart and soul to the flag of the United States of America no a corrupt person like Obama.

I noticed that this "Most Open Administration in History" is anything but. But then there is no one to really bring that out. You know since the Alphabet News Services are nothing more than a propaganda rag for Obama. They have lost the American People. They lie and pass the lies of the Administration.

So now that you know the partial truth. Do some research for yourself. Read the bill. Why do you think the American people are out in force at the town halls? Corruption at Washington DC. We need to remove them all and start fresh. Get rid of them.

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