Monday, September 7, 2009

More Corruption

"Capitalism is evil," a new Michael Moore film.

Well, lets look at a.k.a. Socialism. That system is even worse. Mike looks at the rich in a capitalism society. But I guess he forgot to look at the other societies.

Let's look at what Obama wants and where he is going you have to look at Hitler and the Nazi party. Let's look at what happened there. The Nazis destroyed a country so a few corrupt leaders could live like kings while the people were rounded up and killed outright or sent to camps that most never survived. This is where Obama is leading this country. He already wants to steal all the money you make. He wants to take all your freedoms. He wants to remove anything that goes against him.

Look at Glenn Beck. Because of Glenn Beck, Van Jones removed himself from Obamas Czardom. Van Jones is a Racist plain and simple, he is a criminal. These are the people that Obama is surrunding himself with. Criminals, Racists, Comunists are we seeing a pattern?

I sure am.

Close down the powers the President has. Close down the powers that Congress has and hold the Press responsible for the content (truth) that they tell the American people.

We know that the press no longer tell the truth, and they wonder why their viewership is dropping. Papers going out of business, Alphabet news services loosing viewer ship because they are leaning so far to the left that can't walk a stright line.

Stop Obama Now. Stop the Democrats Now, and Stop the Corrupt Propganda Press Now.

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