Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I think I understand Americans

I am a product of immigrants. My whole family on my Dads side immigrated from Europe. Me and my twin brother were the first in my family born in the U.S.A.

My Dad was a sailor. He sailed to America and other countries. He loved America. He took his wife (my Mom) and moved to New York. After we were born my brother was sick and the doctor said the best place for him would be AZ. So they moved to L.A. After a while my parents divorced. Both my Mom and Dad took us to different places accross America. We fell in love with America and all it offers. I joined the service and spent 10 years in the Military.

This is where I was able to travel to different parts of the world. I met lots of people who would love to move to America because of the freedoms that Americas have. The ability to work and become rich.

This is something Americans fail to understand. Our illegal alien problem is because they can get 100 times more money here than back home. Plus free Health care because our government will not send them back. Open borders not only has problems with illegal aliens but also drugs.

As a product of immigrants my parents had to go to school and learn the constitution. They learned how our country was founded and way. Oppression and corruption was the main reason for our founding fathers left. They came to America and scratched out a living. We have had wars with other countries and ourselves.

We now have an Oppressive and Corrupted government. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of Corruption and Oppression. Our government wants to remove all freedoms that I fought for. That my parents came to America for.

These people listen to leftist and socialist and say how nice. HEY JACKASS why are these people here? Its for the feedoms they can't get at home. Yes I am calling Obama a JACKASS.
He grew up out of the country. He should know how great America is. But he is brainwashed by socialist and leftist. We as Americans are being held hostage by our government.

I feel that if Obama keeps on his path not only will we have a greater depression but also a larger second civil war. It will be a civil war againts Corrupted Government.

We need to get back to our roots. Why this country is so great. Because of its people being able to work hard and become wealthy and live the life that we want.

The government wants us to live a certian way while our government leaders says this does not mean me. I want Golden parachute health care not only for me but my extended family. Golden parachute retirement. But by God if a CEO wants a Golden parachute retirement or health care the government will pass a special bill to tax this CEO so he is unable to retire.

Our Corrupted Government has to be removed from office. I fear that 2010 election will be corrupted. I don't put it pass our government to stuff ballot boxes with their canidates.

There are so many people that like their own health care and so do I. I don't want to loose my health care for the 8% who don't have insurance.

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