Friday, September 25, 2009

Racism in America

CNN asks "Do people dislike Obama because he's black?" The answer to that is NO. I dislike Obama because he hates America and its people. Don't believe me? Look at all his speeches to the world. He hates America and tells the world were sorry for being better than them.

Bull. I am not sorry... I am proud to be living in the greatest nation on earth. But Obama and his followers don't.

Do you dislike Obama.

Let me fill in some more. Obama is a liar. I will tell him to his face he is a liar too. Like that will ever happen. But he is pushing for higher taxes for cap and trade. Unbelievable higher taxes for health care plus a penalty for not having Obama care. $2000 a year to start off for Obama care but I can tell you that this will climb and you will get less services. If you do not get Obama care because he lied and you will not have the Insurance that you like you will have to get Obama care. If you do not get Obama care you wind up with a rap sheet for not having Obama care and possible 1 year in Obama work camp or a $25,000 fine or both.

Where is American freedom? Protests will increase.

Look at the Obama kids singing praises to Obama. This is how the Hitler youth started. By GOD the American people should be outraged. The world should be outraged. But the press just ignores it.

We should look back 234 years when our forefathers fought the same thing here in America.
They won because they had a war against the King. But we now have a bunch of asses in Washington who want to get rid of guns. They want to be in charge of everything and have all the money while we suffer.

We need to find or start tea parties. You all remember why there were tea parties don't you? Remember taxation without represention like we have today. We have taxation without represention now. In case you forgot Congress is taxing us while they are not listening to us.
A very good reason to join or start a tea party.

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