Monday, September 7, 2009

Corrupted officials beget corrupted officials

Obama Czardom is just packed with corruption and racial hatred. We want to listen to that?

I don't think so. Thanks to the American people and talk radio, we were able to get Van Jones to remove himself from Obama's Czardom.

There are several more that need to go and the American people are starting to really listen to what they really say. They are not accepting Obama's slip of the tounge remarks. I guess Rev. Wright had several slips of the tounge too?

We need to take back this country from these freaks who want to destory it.

Look at Rangel (D) 3 million in unpaid taxes and he puts in the HEALTH CARE bill anyone not paying their full taxes get fined doubled plus possible jail time. What about him. He is still chairman of his committee? Corruption at the top. Of course there is. That is the problem with carrier politicians. They need to get a real job. Term limits need to be enforced. Look at Murtha, He gets millions to build an airport that no one flies into or out of just so he can get his name on it with my tax dollars. The list could go on and on. of the corrupted politicians that are in congress right now!

Where do they think all this money comes from that they want to spend? A money tree? A fountain of wealth? MAGIC? NO it comes from every honest paying taxpayer. Unlike most of them.
Look at Obama's cabinet at least a third of them if not more were tax cheats. We have Congressmen that are tax cheats and still in office.

Czars need to go as well. This is a list of people that would never pass muster in a Congressional hearing (even with a corrupt Congress - look at recent appointments that did make it). Its like a frat house slapping each other on the back because they were able to fool somebody to get in. It is complete and unrivialed corruption in our nations capital.

The American people (well most) are starting to see the real picture. We have cowards and bullies in office. We don't have people for the people anymore. We have people who want more and will go to any measure to get it. Corruption.

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