Saturday, September 12, 2009

Scum in DC

I saw a home made sign that says it all.

You can't fix STUPID, but you can VOTE them OUT of OFFICE.

That about says it all.

Obama is SCUM and a LIER. He needs to be impeached on grounds he is incompentent to hold office. For association with known criminals and falsehoods to the American people for his own profit. Anyone associated with him should also be impeached, under grounds of knowingly circumventing the Constutition of the United States of America for personal profit.

That pretty much would be 1/3 of Congress and the President there may be more than 1/3. We need to remove them from office. Failure to protect America to the best of their ability.

What do you call letting illegals in this country with no stops and then let them vote? They are not citizens of the US. They have no right to VOTE. But the Democrats sponser these illegals and they should be treated as Traitors to the Constutition and the United States of America.

For never in the History of America have we been under attact by the few Corrupt who want to enslave the many. We have to stop the Corrupt NOW!

We need to stand behind the Fair Tax movement and the tea party movement. If you don't believe that this administration is corrupt and you want to be enslaved by this bunch of criminals then do nothing. If you on the other hand are Americans and believe this Administration is the most corrupted in History then stand up and fight.

Obama has already showed his true colors by following Hitler step by step. Obama needs to be impeached and removed from office before he gets his personal Army.

Health care reform is one thing Health care takeover is unacceptable. But that is the only thing Obama wants. He does not want refrom he want a takeover. Corruption

The Democratic leadership is as guilty if not more.

Is Obama an American. I think not. Hitler was not German but he was given powers that enslaved a nation. This is what Obama wants too. More power to enslave a nation. The press is as corrupt as the Democrats.

I call for all freedom loving Americans to fight socialism and this con man currently holding office.

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