Thursday, September 10, 2009

capitol punishment.

I have read alot of blogs talking about capitol punishment. Let's look at capitol punishment, when it was PUBLIC, crimes were down. Now its behind closed doors. The real shock value is no longer there to curb crime. There used to be public hangings where the family came out to watch some criminal be hung for killing someone. The parents would bring the kids out to view it and tell them that could be you if you kill someone. But now its hidden to keep the people from seeing these criminals offed.

As one blogger put it "
should not be allowed to consume oxygen". That was by " stiegov". I agree with that line 100%. There are some dirt bags like child killers and child rapists that should not be allowed to view their family grow old. They should be snuffed out. China does public execution. A bullet to the back of the head. In view of the WORLD! Arab countries do public executions as well. Public be-headings.

America now does sleeping death. Give a criminal a drug that puts him to sleep then give him a death drug to stop his heart. These bleeding hearts say it's too cruel to shoot someone, behead someone, or hang someone. What about them. Stabbing their victim 20, 30, 40 times but that is fine. WRONG! A violent crime deserves a violent death penalty. These bleeding hearts should face these killers down a long dark alley then think if a violent death penalty is not required as their life slowly seeps from their bodies.

We have too many pansies running things.

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