Friday, September 11, 2009

Acorn - Corruption paid by taxpayers

This latest video shows Acorn involved in criminal actions and how to get away with it. These two were fired but the criminal element is still in charge at Acorn. This was not an isolated event. The whole element is corrupted. This is a company that President keeps. Corruption, something that has been pointed out by me and most truth seeking Americans.

I am currently working on a blog that will show how close Obama is to Hitler. Step by step what Hitler did to what step by step what Obama is doing. It is so close it is frighting. Put shivers down your spine. This President is the mirror of Hitler. Should you be scared Oh Yea! Should we put more pressure on the President? Oh Yea! Let's start with his hidden Birth records. Why are his birth records in hiding? What is he hiding? Pressure on this corrupted person is just the beginning. We need to put pressure on the National Media for ingnoring the truth. Why are they lying? Why are they not willing to do what reproters normally do. Seek the truth. They just pat each other on the back. This will be a blog entry you cannot miss. It will leave you worried about your country.

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