Friday, April 24, 2009

Use your brain.

I love Liberals. They prove time and time again how ignorant they really are. Have either of you ever had a thought of your own? I hear you spew what Obama wants you to spew. Wake up and smell the shit Obama is shoveling. Don't drink the poison koolaid of Obama's. He is a con man and you have been conned. I hope you are getting madder by the minute. Because then you will take the time to say "Hey, let me think for myself." I should see if he is really right?

Listen you have the internet. Stop listening to the Alphabet news services. You know CNN/MSNBC/NBC/ABC/CBS/FOX. You can look up US news from the rest of the world. See what really is going on. Not what the propaganda news services and the Democratic and Liberals want you to hear. Use that mush ball between your ears. Think for yourself. There is about 30% of Democratic Liberals that can't think for themselves. They pull the party line no matter what. I assume that you know how to read. I also assume that you have your own computer. You are connected to the internet. Now use this powerhouse setting on your desk. Look up history. Look up how socialism worked in other countries. Look at the care the people of other countries get. This is not really about socialism. It is about freedom. Do you want your internet? Want your car? Your House? Food on your table? Electricity? Protection both in your house and in the city? Being able to see the doctor of your choice? Socialism removes freedom. The Constitution offers freedoms from oppression. Notice that the Democrats and Liberals want to oppress the people.

Listen the Democratic Liberals have done a great job in destroying this country. They are refusing to close the borders. Even with a pandemic happening. That should throw up red flags all over the place. NOTHING....... Obama and Congress are corrupt. They need to be replaced. Put people who really care for the people in office. You forget they work for us. They bank on it. You vote for them and then they do what they want to do.

McCain is gonna loose, and he deserves it. He has not full filled his duty as a Senator. Most Senators have not. There are way more Congressmen that need to be removed too.

Use that marvel that God gave us. Our Brains. Start with reading some books. Lets start with the fair tax. If you read it you will see that the Government will have all the money it wants. But Congress is afraid of it. Ask yourself why? Because they will lose power. That's why. They know it is a better way to get tax revenue. But they lose power if they agree with it. So they will tell you lies hoping you are too ignorant to read for yourself.

Stand up for yourself. Obama is not fit to hold office. He needs to be impeached. He is a traitor to America and the American people. Bowing to a Saudi King. Telling the rest of the world he is sorry that America is good. I am not sorry. I served my country. I took the same oath they did. I lived up to that oath. The corrupt Congress has not. Forcing Gay Marriages on us. I refuse to believe in Marriage between he and he or she and she. I have no problem with a civil union. Marriage is between one (1) man and one (1) woman only. Read your History. Roman empire was brought down by same sex unions. The Liberals want the same thing for America. History has a way of repeating itself when its people are too stupid or too dumb to change it. Stand up for yourself not for what someone else wants. If you believe in 100% of what he or she stands for then put your voice behind him or her. But if you believe in 95% of what he or she believes in. Now you have to determine if that 5% is worth giving up. If that 5% means you have to kill one of your children because you can only have one. Which one would you kill? Ask the Chinese. They do it all the time. They kill the women. Keep the men so they can carry on the surname. In 20 years China will have a country of men. No women. Is that smart thinking?

You have a gift. Its the ability to think for yourself. Use it. Start reading, pay attention. I am conservative not Republican. I have not supported the Republican party. I vote that way but that is another problem I have. I want to vote for a Democrat and I can't. The vote is set up on party lines. That is not true representation. That is party lines. I don't want party lines. Our Government is corrupt. They prove it everyday.

Go out and think. I don't want to hear Obama in your replies. Use your own mind. Not a Liberal people herder.

Be brave. Use that brain and think for yourself. You will get your eyes opened up. You will see the truth. The truth will set you free. Remember that.

I bash Obama because he is unworthy to hold office. He is not American. Why else would he hide his birth records? Use that brain. Think for yourself not the propaganda Obama wants you to hear. For Gods Sake Wake Up America.

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