Friday, April 10, 2009

Typical Liberals

I was watching Hannity and the liberal on the panel was a White House Parrot.

Obama bowed to the Saudi King.
No he didn't bow.
Watch the video. Oh yes he did.
Typical Liberal Lie. If you can't convince them, Lie. Bill Clinton was a pro at it....

Liberals love to lie to the American People. That is why Obama is President. He is another who is a pro liar. But most politicians are Professional Liars.

Americans need to wake up and sell the CRAP that Obama and Congress is shoveling.
Mainly the Democrats. But there are a few Republicans that need to be culled from Congress too.

Democrats are starting to feel the hate. Americans are mad at Congress and Obama. Some Democrats see their carriers evaporating standing behind Obama. Lying to the American people is not a good policy to do right now. Some of us have long memories and will make sure that these politicians who lie at reelection time saying I was not behind Obama... Well guess what. BUSTED!

Shut down the Border. Lets put down sensors and put up signs LANDMINES. So sensors go off when an Illegal passes alarms go off lights go on and giant speakers go off sounding like explosions. They then get thrown back over the fence.

The Drug lords over there need to be stopped. Ready Aim and Fire. will correct that problem.

They kill Americans over here. They are killing Americans in America. Nothing is being done about it. If we kill a drug lord our country wants to put us in jail. So what they kill 20, 30, 40 hell 1,000 Americans. They have a right. We are victims.

I am tired of our government telling me I cannot protect myself. I grew up in California and was robbed on a regular basis. It was all illegals. Getting a house full of furniture and clothes by stealing from the family down the street. My house. Cops would do nothing.

It's worse now. That is way I don't live in California anymore. Plus the excessive taxes out there. Anyone who moves to California is a dope. Everything is way more expensive out there and the taxes are 2 to 3 times higher than here. Why do you think so many people are moving away from California.

Then only way to live in California is if you are rich and want to throw your money away.

Because you need a massive Security system. You also need extra Insurance because the Illegals out there don't buy insurance. They just steal a car. I guess you don't need insurance if you steal the car.

Again California is broke. Illegals using the health care system. The rest of the country needs to help California out. HELL NO!!! Get rid of the illegals, you save on health care, prisons, food stamps, courts, insurance, schools, housing, the list goes on and on and on. Within a year you could save BILLIONS. Numbers of Illegals is between 12 and 40 million depending on who came up with the numbers.

But the Democrats want to legalize the illegals. That would mean more voters. Thats all Democrats are worried about. Getting reelected no matter how...

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