Friday, April 3, 2009

Obama bows to his king.

Obama caused an uproar yesterday when he bowed to the Saudi king.

Here is the link to show Obama bowing to the Saudi king. Disgusting. He is not an American President. He is a FRAUD. Congress helped with this fraud. We need to vote all of Congress out of office. They knew he was a fraud and did nothing. If they believed in America they would uphold the Constitution. The oath they took when they took office. But not a peep.

America is going to have a revolution again. Corrupt government vs the people. It will happen all thanks to Obama and Congress. Both Democrats and Republicans are to blame.

I have told my Representative to vote no on Obama's budget. I got a message back telling me they are in favor of Obama's plans. They want bigger government, socalism on a grand scale that has never worked.

Thank God I was strong enough to join the Military and learned what freedom really means. To uphold the oath I took back then. I still uphold that oath even though I have not been on active duty for 30+ years.

That is why I am fighting against Obama. He is not an American. He is a fraud. A traitor. He is a muslim in sheeps clothing. We no longer have to worry about terrorism from abroad, we have a terrorist in the White House. If he was a true American he would have presented his true and unaltered birth certificate to the American people.

We Americans who are veterans must uphold the oath we took. We will keep our free country free from government. Going into that we need to get the truth out. They have government controlled television and mostly radio. Talk radio tells the truth, but they know it and want to pass the fairness doctrine, that will shut down anyone that opposes them. Censor of the people by the government. I love how the president uses the words like censor and bias. He is censoring the Americans, biased towards socialism and corrupt in everyway.

His cabinet is full of tax cheats that the corrupt congress passed them. If it was a Republican not only would he be forced to pay back the money like Obama's folks did, but then they would be forced to pay fines and penalties. Obama's picks have not had to do. Then they would not be passed. But that these are Democrats slide them through.

Corruption is so rampant in Washington.

When Americans pay three times the tax they pay now.

Obama says we have a unreliable health care system. We have the best health care system in the world.

God he is an ASSHOLE and a TRAITOR.

God help us all.

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