Thursday, April 23, 2009

I have found NSPD-51. This is a Presidential Directive that gives Obama the right to become Americas Dictator. Before all you naysayers jump on this look it up yourself. Google and Yahoo are search engines and you can look this up. Just go to Google or Yahoo and type NSPD-51.

It gives the President the right to become Americas Dictator. He will have the right to run every aspect of the country. Electricity, Oil, Internet.

Be very afraid. Obama is going after Americans for all sorts of imaginary crimes but he is bowing to Muslim Kings, Keeping borders open so drug lords can kidnap or kill Americans with no retributions.

Obama lovers beware. You are next. Wait until you have inflation at double digits. Taxed beyond relief. Then lets see how much you love this con man. He is a fake. But you Liberals are too stupid to figure it out.

Good luck. The end is near. Obama has made sure of it.

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