Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Censorship and

I put up a blog entry that bashes the con man acting as the President and replying to a ignorant person who tried to tongue lash me.

So almost at once my blog entry is flagged inappropriate content. I think the bloggers at are inappropriate. They can't handle the truth and go hide. Let's flag this blog entry. We should not have to read the truth. I get all the truth I need from the bias media.

I don't need some veteran telling me about the Constitution and freedom.

I am as free as I want to be. God these bloggers have no feelings for us common folk. They should stay on their side of the internet and I'll stay on mine.

It does not work on the playground and it does not work in real life. You have to face the truth sooner or later. Better to do it sooner than later because later may be too late.

I know this entry will most likely be flagged inappropriate too by some Obama ass kissing liberals.

Terrorism is on the rise. The economy is causing lots of Americans freak out. Loosing jobs, houses, cars. In some extreme cases children. The Affirmative Action con man pretending to be President is bowing to Saudi King. Slipping into a Turkish Mosque. Refusing to view the graveyard of fallen veterans of WWII.

Obama is already spending more money than President Bush did in his eight years. Did you follow that? Obama has spent more in 60 days than President Bush spent in 8 years. If Obamas budget goes through Obama will have spent more money than all Presidents since JFK. Thats almost 50 years worth. Think about it. Obama will have spent more in 100 days than what 9 Presidents together did not spend.

Does anybody catch what is going on? Obama is killing a lot of military funding. Missile defense. This will leave us open to destruction. Does the Terrorist care. Nope This is what he calls CHANGE.

You ignorant blind pied pipers voted for this con man and now we have to fight every step of the way to stop him. The Democrats in Congress are getting carried away. Blank Check. When it comes time to run again they will have to put up with a pissed off out of work population.

So you can find me elsewhere on the Internet. Trying to enlighten Americans on the Sins of the Democrats and Obama. Delivering the truth that I can because the bias media won't.

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