Saturday, April 4, 2009

Left leaning press ingnore the truth.

The American press is so left leaning that they just flat out refuse to report the truth.

Lets start with the President.

Is Obama a natural born citizen?

The press used the paper Obama produced. It is not a true birth certificate. It is just a piece of paper that said he was born alive. Not where he was born. Not if he was born in America or another place? Secondly he was not named B. H. Obama at birth.
He changed his name later. Yet not a single reporter sought his true birth certificate. They did find out that it was guarded by a law firm, and Obama is spending 1 million dollars to hide his birth records. Yet not a single reporter found this strange or asked questions about it.

Obama is ignorant to the ways of foreign policy.

He bowed down to the feet of Saudi king? Disgraceful. Check out previous blog for link to picture of Obama bowing. It is also on Twitter and Facebook.

All the tax cheats in Obama's cabinet is not sought after by the press. They drop a note in the news and none at all.

If this was a Republican seeking a spot in a Republican Presidents cabinet they would be dragged across the coals. They would have to pay the taxes penalties and fines. Then get dropped for the cabinet position.

But Obama's cabinet has now what 10, 12 tax cheats? They paid the tax amount but did not have to pay any penalties or fines. Several more who dropped out because of problems like this. There is no follow up. It is dropped right there.

The press is as corrupt as the politicians in Washington.

The free press is now propaganda press. They will print or use as much time as needed to get the message across. If they are against it they will print a one liner or not at all and the tv will be silent. Not a second.

Now Fox news does try to be fair. Talk radio tells the truth but sometimes far to the right.

Now lets talk about Congress. They want the fairness doctrine to shut down talk radio. Censorship. Anyone who disagrees with the government is now censored.
You know what this means. If you are talking about the government and disagree with them and it is going across the airwaves it will be censored. You can still talk in groups as long as it does not go across the airwaves. Print media is not covered by this right now. But that could change.

Propaganda and censorship is the way Democrats and the press get information out to the American people. The next victim of Congress is the Internet.

The free press is anything but free. They have set themselves as the press for the Democrats. Print media is as bad.

Again there are a small and I do mean small pockets of free press. But even the free press do things to influence votes.

Local school board elections are coming up this Tuesday. The school board hired a principal from out of town vs a local teacher. The press printed how the school board voted. That has never happened in the 9 years I have lived here. I think the press wanted the local teacher to get the job.

We no longer have a free America. It is possible to return to a free America. But it will take a long time. The press will make sure that will be almost impossible. If Americans get off their behinds and actually pay attention to what is really going on and not listening to corrupt politicians or the propaganda press. Then we Americans can vote for true politicians that will be in Washington to do what we want them to do and not what they feel like or what will put the most money in their pockets. Ask yourself this. Most politicians make good money when entering Congress but most come out as millionaires. They don't get paid that much. How is that possible? Corruption.

Be careful in who you believe.


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