Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Obama seeking the Illegal vote.

There are twelve plus million illegals here in this country.

If we were to get rid of the illegals what would we gain?

Relief on our health care system,
relief on our prison system,
relief on our food stamps system,
relief on our school system,
relief on our insurance system,
relief on our housing system,

lets look at how much we can save by getting rid of illegals.

Well for starters we would have jobs. We need to get those Americans sitting on their asses out in the fields to pick cotton or what ever the farms are growing.

The health care system will not have illegals come into the emergency room then skip out so they don't or won't have to pay.

How many illegals drive illegally. No insurance. They get into a wreck and insurance goes up. We have to carry insurance for the uninsured motorist. What kinda of crap is that?

They can't get license without insurance. How do they register their cars and trucks without a license or insurance?

How many illegals wind up in trouble and take up space in the court system and the prisons.
Giving them a lawyer, food, clothes, television, health care and God knows what else.

Then they wind up getting on the food stamp system. They wind up taking services from Americans so they can bring illegal Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Brothers, Sisters, Girl Friends, Mommas, Poppas, and again God knows only who. So what started as one person who is not eligible for services winds up being a family of ten or twenty who needs hundreds of dollars of services to survive. Then they have a job (illegally) and send most of that money home to Mexico there are fifteen illegals working no records. So the state thinks there are twenty without work while fifteen are working but drawing for twenty. So all this money they earn gets sucked out of the country.

So then they have to send their children to school in order to get the free food stamps so now the kid knows no English so they get taught English and bringing down the rest of the class because of the lame no child left behind. So now no one is learning because all the time is spent on this kid that knows not English plus they get free lunches, again free health care.

Then there is the housing problem. They are here illegally, so housing is sometimes given to them and sometimes they pay rent. They are let into a house for a family of three or four after they get settled in there winds up being twenty to thirty people living in this one house.

We are talking BILLIONS of dollars thrown away on illegals so Democrats can get free illegal votes.

YES the Democrats have given the Illegal population the right to vote.

Again circumventing the Constitution.

Giving an illegal the right to vote is like giving an ineligible man the right to be President. Oh yea the Democrats have done that with Obama.

The corruption that has showed its face since Obama has been elected is just outragious. Obama forced through this stimulis package that was nothing but pork. Obama swore it was stimulis and had to be signed right now. Don't read it just sign it. The Democrats did. Obama later confessed that his stimulis package was almost all pork. So what he said.

The taxes that are being shoved down the throats of Americans is excessive and illegal. Obama has forced three TRILLION dollars to be passed by Congress in his first sixty days. He wants his budget of four TRILLION to be passed without review.

he thinks that Americans are too stupid to understand that he is giving away America to the Middle Eastern Devils that want to destroy us.

We will fight back.

Look they brought in a car full of illegal votes to get the Democratic poster boy elected in MI. I think he is the poster board for abstinence. God knows that corruption is rampant in the Democratic system. It is in the Republican system as well. The Republicans are refusing to follow their voters and do what they want. They are taxing the American people into oblivion but manage to give themselves healthy pay increases. Can you spell CORRUPTION?

They want to control what every American gets paid, what Health Care he gets as long as it is the cheepist. but wants to be covered like Kings. Best Health Care in the World best Retirement in the World with we suffer.


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