Friday, April 10, 2009

Obama and the Pirates.

The Captain made a daring escape last night. What did we do? Not a thing..... We could have filled the boat with lead killing all the terrorist... Ahh I mean Pirates. Then rescued the Captain. But Obama does not want his fellow countrymen killed.

Obama is a Traitor to America and the American people.

He has shown his true colors and they are NOT RED, WHITE and BLUE.

Bowing to a Saudi King. Horse shit.
The White House said he didn't. But Video shows he did.

Refusing to pay homage to fallen Americans in WWII at Normandy.
Said did not want to disgrace Germany? What? Hitler is dead. Who are you going to Disgrace? Horse shit.

Going into a mosque in Turkey. Alone not a problem. But all together signs of a Traitor.

Saying he is sorry for America?
Sorry for what? America stopping Hitler and the Nazis? Stopping Japan?
I am not sorry for America. I am proud of America. Proud to serve my country.

Letting all the Illegal aliens become citizens? How many Terrorists are in this group???
Get rid of the Illegals and we could save Billions in Health Care, Prisons, Food Stamps, Courts, Insurance, the list goes on and on. They are draining the country dry. They do not contribute to this nation.

Giving Muslims first Interview as President? Says it all, doesn't it?

Well lets keep going.

2o years listening to Rev Wright's God D*** America racist speech from the pulpit.
We know how he feels about America don't we?

Hiding his birth records. Why? Not eligible to be President? Circumventing the Constitution?

Just keeps adding up..... Traitor...

Spending TRILLIONS not BILLIONS but TRILLIONS to repay his supporters. He said it was not pork or earmarks. After it got passed he admitted it was pork a.k.a. earmarks.
That would be flat out stealing from the American people for political gain.
Isn't that illegal within the bounds of the Constitution? Oh yea they are ignoring the Constitution and the oath to protect and preserve it.

That alone should be an impeachable event.

Yet the press refuses to draw the line from dot to dot to show the big picture.

Obama is a Traitor to this country. He is a hero in his homeland. (That is not America).

How long will we have to put up with this con man?

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