Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why are people so Stupid?

I grew up in California. My parents divorced when I was small. But the one thing they both taught me was to work hard and be proud of who your are.

I see the people today and all they want is what the BANKRUPT Government can do for them. They are sucking the life blood from America. The Illegals the lazy bastards, the people who think the government owes them. For what? You were born in America?

I hate to say it but I do think that America needs to be attacked by terrorists and get rid of some of the scum suckers that bottom feed here in America. Chase the Illegals back across the border. Throw the corrupt politicians in jail. Shut down Socialist programs like ACORN.

Vote in Politicians that believe in Smaller Government and lower taxes.

I was brought up to respect the Office of the President. This Ass who has no idea what he is doing has destroyed the Office. So from now on I will refer to Obama as The Ass in Charge.

This is what Socialism has done to this country. Destroy the Office of the President by putting a Socialist with no idea what he is doing in Charge. Is this the Change we can Believe in?

The Ass we have in charge of our country is going to destroy it by taxing the American people to the point you will be paid by the government. Most of that payment will be in form of food. Like the Nazis did in WWII. Called starvation diet. You will work for free to pay what the government deems your fair share. While they do nothing but make up more laws to further destroy America.

All you wanna be Socialists better believe that there is a movement across the Nation to destroy what is now the Socialist Democratic Party. We are at war with the Socialist in office. They want to remove free speech and the right to arms at home. They want to tell you what to think and what to do.

Wait, we are almost there. That is why there is a movement across the Nation. The WORKING Americans are starting to wake up. They see the corruption in the other parts of the world and see the corrupt officials trying to do the same thing here.

Passing bills that is nothing but PORK and telling the American people that you don't need to read it because you are too dumb to figure it out and it is for JOBS.

Where has that taken us? Highest unemployment since the Great Depression. And what do they want? Another bill that they call a JOBS bill to go on top of the last one. How many more jobs will be lost in this go round? Another 10 Million Jobs? More Pay cuts? Higher Taxes to pay for this Jobs package? So the American people who work pay for the Americans who don't, or won't work.

This Ass in office is going after the Banks. Forcing the banks to take money that banks don't want and to pay it back with interest. These banks have except the ones run by the government. Fanny and Freddie have both taken money and are looking for more. Yet they are not cutting their pay.

The Ass in office is to blame for the problems we are facing in America today. Forcing banks to give out loans to people who have no intention of paying back. The government passed a bill that The Ass in Charge of America was behind it all the way. That stated if you do not give dead beats a loan for a home you will not be covered by FDIC Insurance.

Now that The Ass is in charge is trying to increase his powers, he wants to expand this to all aspects of society. He already has take over the Automobile industry. I bet he is madder than Hell that Ford showed a profit this quarter. He is going after Stock Market. Bonds, Mutual Funds, anything that Americans can use to make money, he is going after.

What is he doing. Trying to destroy these companies by using the corrupt press. Then using the Corrupt Congress to pass bills to tax them at a massive amounts. I am sure that the bonuses that Wall Street and Banks want to give out, you can bet the Socialist Corrupt in Congress including The Ass in Charge will try to pass a bill to tax the Bonuses.

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