Monday, February 15, 2010

Lying Bastards in Office

I am so tired of listening to the Socialist - Liberals that state global warming is happening. The truth is they doctored the data and the global temp has dropped for the last 15 years. 15 YEARS. Not one or two years but they have doctored the data from as far back as they have records for. They completely removed the cold spell from 1600's to bolster their global warming myths. I do believe that we need to take care of our planet but we should not destroy our economy while other countries are doing nothing protect the planet.

Doctoring Data and our Government is still on that trackless train. They insist on global warming when they know the data is false. This is why we need to remove these corrupt officials from office. They are working hard to destroy this country. We need to work harder to stop them and reverse all the lousy policies they put in place all the way back to the Federal reserve. Obama is going after the bankers when the bankers run the federal reserve. What does that say? We can reverse the way we are going. Either vote it out or look at a civil war. The choice is the American people. If the American people believe that our Government is trying to help us or take us over. As of today they are trying to take us over. As of today I vote for voting them out of office and putting conservatives back into power. If they fail us we would have no alternative but civil war.

So if Obama is following this global warming string. I guess I just called him a lying bastard cause he is in office. But I have heard much worse from the Liberals refering to President Bush.

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