Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hope and Change?

We listen to Obama and his minions preach hope and change day after day, week after week and month after month.

Obama wins and the hope and change turned quickly into hate and discontent.

The hope and change that was implied is not the hope and change offered.

Hope for a better America and change to help all Americans is quickly turning into government takeover and higher taxes.

This is not the hope and change we want.

The Democrats are dead set on the destruction of America. I think the Republicans are too.

The only real change we can count on is the loss of our freedoms, guns and money. That is where this administration is taking us.

If we don't stop them now we never will. We will become slaves to the state. (Like U.S.S.R. was) No freedoms, no money, no weapons, no food, no heat, no means to get any of the aforementioned. We will live day to day, hour to hour. Hand to mouth.

The greatest nation on Earth reduced to piss poor nation by a few corrupt politicans and voters too damm stupid to figure it out. How will that stand in History.

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