Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The truth is now coming out.

I am watching this Administration falling apart. They are attacking the American People. They are Attacking the Republicans, the Tea Baggers, anybody who is Anti-Obama is now a enemy of the State according to this Administration. Obama and his administration are now taking cheap shots at everyone.

Obama has one thing on his mind. The destruction of America and the Americans. His Goons go on Television and say we are aiding Al Queda. But who is the one bowing at the feet of our enemies? Obama.

Obama is Anti-America. The Democrats have put a destroyer of Nations at the head of the free world and the only Nation he is interested in destroying is the one he is in charge of.

Listen to his rants on Health Care. He wants the Republicans to attend a Health Care summit and help pass Health Care as long as nothing changes. If the Republicans refuse he goes to the American people to say they refuse to help the American people. If they say yes then we are getting closer everyday to a Dictatorship with this Ass in charge. What a revolting thought.

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