Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Obama is back at it.

Obama wants to have a summit over health care. The Ass in Charge wants the Republicans there so he can blame them for his failed policies. It is typical liberal policy blame someone else for your short comings.

He is the most inept person ever to hold the office of the President, ever!

His so called community organizer is not a stepping stone to the office of the Presidency. He is so inept to figure that out. His Bozos in the White House with him just as inept as he is.

They want to blame everyone expect for who they see in the mirror.

I think if Obama refuses to talk to the Republicans before the health care summit there should be one or two Republicans to inform the Ass in Charge that due to his failure to really want a true change in health care that the Republicans will not be there for his pissing post.

Since we all know that the press is behind the Ass in Charge 120%. There is no real outlet for the truth except Fox News and Talk Radio.

Why do you think Talk Radio and Fox News Have the highest ratings now?

That is because the people want the truth and they can't get it at the Alphabet News services.

For all you liberal socialized Democrats look into the mirror and reflect what you really want. Do you want the Ass in Charge to give you for nothing and destroy the country in the process or do you want to save this country and commit to real change and not another government takeover. You are the ones that will lose your jobs and homes and many of your lives if the government gets to take over this country. You seem to forget that the government works for us and not the other way around. If we work for the government that means this country has turned into a banana republic and The Ass in Charge is the Dictator.

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