Saturday, February 13, 2010

Common Sense

I listen to Democrats say anything to back and support Obama regardless of the truth. Has common sense vanished from the young adults? Or has the Democratically controlled Education system successfully learned to brainwash children to ignore the common sense to figure out the truth.

Talking about the Democratically controlled Education system. Who is the perv in this system who has determined that the Educational system has to teach 10 year old childern the pleaser of sex? If you even considered or told your neighbor you wanted to teach your children the pleasures of sex you would be thrown in JAIL as a sex offender. What sex offender is working at the Education system to even consider this? I think we need to review who came up with this Idea and do an exhausted search of him/her/or them. One of them is a sex offender to come up with this idea.

Why has the NC Education system decided to start teaching American History starting after the Civil War. Are they trying to hide the fact that we the people can wage war on the Federal Government when the Government has gotten too big and/or too corrupt. We are there folks. We have a joker in the office of the Presidency who is way in over his head in what to do. How to do it, and what sparks jobs in the economy. Communism/Socialism has never worked. Just because he is in charge he thinks he can present it in another way that we will be stupid enough to say "Sure that sounds like it will work" NOT!!! As long as I have my rights to free speech and the right to bear arms, and brains with common sense and knowledge between right and wrong I will fight this corrupt Administration.

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