Monday, February 15, 2010

Reform America

I think it is time for the American People to take back America from the Socialist - Liberals who are Hell bent on destroying this nation.

We start with the Education System. When these BOZO's in office would rather teach Pleasure of Sex over the important subjects - like the 3 R's. History, Science? Go to year round school.

Promote Gun Ownership across the Nation. Promote Public Execution. Not behind closed doors but Public. That is the deterrent to crimes. Not a behind closed doors and only let a few people to view it. In the old west public hangings were a deterrent to crimes. Parents would bring their children to the town square to watch a killer get hanged and talk about on the way home. "Don't kill someone or we will go to the square to watch you hang". That is one reason the crimes are up in America because we have no real public deterrents.

Stop supporting the Liberal - Socialist Actors. They are not worth 10 Million per Movie! Why doesn't Washington go after Actors pay too? They want to go after Banks and Wall street for bonuses but refuse to go after Actors who get 10 million for 3 to 12 weeks of work. A popular Actor could get 30 to 50 Million per year. Then they promote Socialism - Liberalism values cause they know the Government also promotes these values and will not touch their pay. The ones who do not promote these values wind up on some blackball list.

There are plenty of places to start taking back America. Our first is Education and Congress. That is where we need to focus our time and money. Put conservative people in power that will reform Education like the no Child Left Behind. Biggest destruction of the American Education System promoted by George Bush Jr. Stop paying tons of money to states that only a few schools get most of the money and the schools that need the money gets almost none.

Go back to the turn of the century when it comes to schools. No teacher should teach his/her personal views in the classroom. If you disagree with the teacher you can't pass the class?

We need to start and we need to start now!

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