Tuesday, February 16, 2010

True Health Care Reform

Let's talk about Health Care Reform. My wife was sick and did not make it to the doctors office and later it turned into pneumonia. I wound up calling 911 to get her to the hospital. The paramedics showed up and got her loaded up and off to the hospital. She spent most of the day in ER and was sent home because her white count was low and the doctor said the hospital is for sick people and she was not sick enough.

She spent days at home recovering. Made 2 visits to her doctor and a week later she was going back to work. The bills came in and the ambulance bill alone was $1,400. That would be less than 2 hours of their time. That is at 2 hours $700 an hour. The Insurance is paying $630. If it is accepted as paid in full at $630 why can't all ambulance services be around or under $700. They jack people without insurance for over double the going rate. You wind up with the same problem at the Hospital and Doctor's office. If they are willing to accept X amount of dollars for a job from the insurance company. They should accept and charge X amount + 10% for the uninsured.

That is where reform needs to take place. There needs to be Tort Reform. The lawyers are able to sue the hospital for MILLIONS and take up to 60% the only ones getting rich are the lawyers. The poor sap the lawyers are representing get stuck with not enough money to cover bills because the lawyer took all the money. That is where reform needs to take place.

If you are lucky enough to have insurance and the insurance company pays the $630 ambulance bill the law should state that we the people not covered by insurance should not pay more than the lowest price the Ambulance service is willing to accept plus 10%. So if the ambulance service is willing to accept $350 than the uninsured should not pay more than $385 for the same service. Padding bills should be a fine of $10,000 per charge. If the Ambulance service charged anyone for something they didn't do each count is $10,000 up to $100,000 per bill. So if the Ambulance service charged you for 15 items they did not do to you they can only be fined $100,000. 3 charges for any 1 month period would lose the BILLING arm of the ambulance service to operate. It becomes under control of an Accountant who gets 2% of all yearly income. If they try to pad the bills same fines applies. New Accountant takes over and the last one gets fined and all accounts are on hold until the fines are paid.

This is a simple down to earth solution to Health Care Reform that ALL Americans who work for a living can afford.

Get charged 10% above the lowest price they are accepting from the Insurance Company or the Government. So they have to be willing to draw a bottom line and not accept that line. The Government has to accept this line amount. All people would be charge that line amount + 10%. If you have Insurance, the insurance company will pay an amount as long as it does not go below the set line amount. If you have no insurance you pay set line amount + 10% and not a penny more. Itemized bill be given down to the last pill. Those bills placed against inventory. To check that Itemized bills are not padded. People who pad the bills then claim bankrupt when caught spend and minimum 10 years in prison.

This is true Health Care Reform.

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