Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too much PORK

Mr. Obama said he would not sign any bill with PORK.

That was said just so he could get elected.

Look at his first 50 days in office. He has passed more spending than the last eight years of Bush.

Obama was complaining about 1 trillion in debt from the Bush administration. Yet Obama's first 50 days have produced bills with over 4 trillion in pork. Now he says he won't sign any more PORK bills.

Blow me. He is nothing but an Affirmative Action President placed there by the American Press.
You cannot trust anything he says.

Watch Glenn Beck on Friday the 13 of March 2009.

Stealing from the 60's civil right blacks "We will Overcome".

How funny we are saying we will overcome against a black man placed in the seat of the President by the press.

The press is still not reporting on Mr. Obama.

We need to put a foot forward and letting Congress know that they work for us and not the President or the Party. Otherwise we will bring up the other foot and boot them out of office.

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