Saturday, March 14, 2009

Again Things that I Notice

I was working on my website when I got ready to put in link in my website I began to think on how hypocritical Congress is. They berate the CEO's on the money they got or passed out. How they got to Washington. Yet Let's take a closer look at Congress.

Congress has given themselves the best healthcare and retirement at taxpayer expense after they raped and took all the money that was in Social Security and Medicare.

Then they say that Social Security and Medicare is going bankrupt.

Hey JACKASS, it's going bankrupt because you took the money out of it to stuff your pockets.

We hear complaints about CEO's flying into Washington on their private jets.

Hey Speaker Nancy Pelosi threw a temper tantrum when the Air Force told her that the planes were in use and there were none for her to take a private flight in. Now she wants leather seats in the plane.

We are having a big problem with the politicians thinking they are above the public.

Let's look at Obama's picks for his office. I think the count is up to 7 tax cheats now.

Obama is another one that is a hypocrite. Telling the American public that he would not sign any bill with pork a.k.a. earmarks in it. So then he says it does not have earmarks. 900 Billion in earmarks by Democratic party. More by the Republican party. Yet Obama says there none. Now he says that there is earmarks in this on. 800 Billion but it is okay. Because after this he will decide what is an earmark and what is not. He can't be trusted to make that decision.

Am I critical on Obama. Well, Yea I am. He still has not made available to the American people an unaltered birth certificate. I don't want to trust his friends to tell me he is an American. The Constitution gives me the right to have proof positive that he is an American.

The Press in American has approved this hijack of America. Watch MSNBC to see my point.

As Americans we should be outraged at the press.

Now go to and see if you belong to America or ship out.

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