Monday, March 16, 2009

Obama and Democrats defining Terrorist.

Now if you are in any party other than Democrat, you are considered a Terrorist in the Obama White house.

I tell you in 4 or more like 8 years from now Dictator Obama will want to rule out Elections. By then he will have his Green shirts (used to be known as the SS in Hitler's time).

We need to take back America.

The Republicans sent me an email to help the Republican party. Here is my reply.

I cannot in good conscience fork over more money to people who cannot control what they have already.

I want you to get rid of your lifetime health care and take what congress has stolen from us. I want you to get rid of your lavish retirement and go with what we have. I want you to put in a bill that states that no government run or operated business can give money to a candidate. Like what happened when Obama took 365 Million from Fanny Mae before it went belly up and has to be saved by the American people. Until this gets done you will not get another penny of my money.

I am so pissed at the Congress right now. They have purposely destroyed America for their own lavish lifestyles.

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