Thursday, March 12, 2009

Obama wants to destroy America

Listening to Obama he wants to destroy America by taxing the taxes. He said you make 250 thousand or less you will not get taxed.


The folks who do get taxed above the 250 Thousand mark will pass that tax on us who you said won't have to pay taxes.

If everything goes up 25 to 50% because of taxes you are killing us.

An Affirmative Action President is destroying America because he has no idea of what he is doing. He has never ran so much as an office and now he is running our country into the mud.

He is the worse President I have ever heard or seen. He does not work.

Trust is something that he needs to learn.

Taxes will reduce budget by 750 Billion dollars in the next ten years. But when he is passing 4 Trillion dollar pork packages in his first 50 days 750 Billion sounds like peeing on a forest fire. It won't help most likely it will hurt.

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