Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Government Going After the People

The Government is now going after the average person. Why?

Because Obama is not an American? Because He wants to destroy America and people are starting to figure this man out? He still has payoffs from his election to take care of?

Folks, This man known as Obama (non American - Why else hide your birth records) wants to destroy America.

Let's look at the facts.

1. Not an American
2. Hiding his birth records that prove he is not an American.
3. Almost everyone he wants in his cabinet are tax cheats.
4. His first interview after being elected is to a middle eastern television station not an American.
5. He is spending money faster than the fed can print it.
6. Has never ran so much as a lemonade booth.
7. Surrounds himself with other corrupt people.
8. Uses Air Force One more in 60 days than Bush did in an entire year.
9. Is considered an Affirmative Action President because the press gave him a free pass.
10. Is corrupt and not looking to protect America.
11. Wants to get rid of all hand guns by the public.
12. Does not want a military.
13. Circumventing the Constitution at every step.
14. Interfearing with the Court system.
15. Making IRS a weapon of the federal government.
16. Wants his own military force. (Just like Hitler had).
17. Is trying to destroy America just like the Russians did Russia.
18. Is going to wind up with a civil war the likes of witch has never been seen.
19. America will wind up as a poor third world country.
20. We need to take back America before all this happens.
21. This is what happens when non Americans take over the White House.

I could go on and on. But this should get you thinking. This man posing as an elected official is doing nothing more than step by step destroying the Great Country. It needs to stop and he needs to be stopped NOW.

Write your Congressmen and women. Write your Senators and tell them no more. This joke on Affirmative Action has gone far enough.

NO on his budget, no more care free spending.

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