Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fed Up with Obama

I am so tired of listening to Obama say nothing but shit. He needs to eat some of that shit he is dishing out.

We Americans DON'T want his shit. I did not vote for the crook. He is a liar on the first class because Stupid Americans are believing his shit.

The more he talks the worst the economy gets.

Can't any of these Dumb Democrats figure that out yet.

Wall street does not like Obama. America does not like Obama. The only reason Obama got elected was because he was black. Hence CHANGE (Canya Help A Negro Get Elected?) That is what Obama's change stood for.

Not the change we need here in America. But change to put money in his pocket. Obama is not fit to be President.

He needs to prove that he is an American first. Then we will cover his policies.

He is pushing for this PORK bill, saying that there is no PORK in it.... But Congress says that there is. Alot of Democrats are starting to feel and hear the revolt from their districts.

Keep it up. Write your Congressman and Senator and start writing the Democratic Nazi's like Waxman, and Franks.

I watched a show on NAZI's . How everyone fell in love with HITLER. I see the same thing happening here with OBAMA. Obama is Hitler in black skin.

We need to stop it now before its too late.

Start protesting, no to Obama's Pork Bills. No to the Congresses Pork Bills, that includes the Republicans.

We need to take back America and we need to fall under a banner other than Democratic or Republican. Conservitive Party, not Republicans. We need term limits for Congress and Senate. Six years max. Then at least six years of NO HOLDING OFFICE. Then he can run again if he wants.

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