Friday, March 6, 2009

Clinton as stupid as Obama

Did you hear Clinton said that America's Government is older than Europe?

That is just like Obama said that there were 57 states.

Obama has a constant lie machine going to try and scare Americans into jumping into his policies no questions asked.

Well, Obama said that the 8.1% unemployment is just as bad as the Great Depression? The truth is the Great Depression unemployment was 24.9. That is 1/3 of current unemployment rate.

So just like Obama he can't do math, he can't tell the truth, and still has not proved that he is an true American Born in the United States.

A jerk of a politician from FL. said that if Obama was voted in as president, that it did not matter if he was an American or not.

Since when did the Constitution mean nothing more than toilet paper. If we treat the Constitution like that then we have to treat the politicians the same way.

No options.

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