Saturday, March 7, 2009

Not so stumulus, stumulus package.

I heard on the news that Obama taking another trip at taxpayer expense to Ohio. He is there to talk up his stimulus package. It is going to let 10 officers go finish police training till the end of the year. In other words not much.

Yea, Obama has gone somewhere every day since he became President. All at taxpayer expense. Houston we have a problem.

Obama thinks he can just print out the money so he can travel.

All these taxpayers think that we will not get taxed. But we will. The tax will be in everything we buy. It will go up (that is taxes for you who are not smart enough to figure that out). Gas will increase, milk, beer, water, food, clothes, cars, trucks, tv, cable, dish, electric, phone, you name it and it is going to go up in price to pay the taxes that Obama wants to push on the top 40% of Americans.

When he says it only the top 2%. I have already proved that he is terrible in math. He is too dumb. Affirmative Action at work...

Obama rants that he is not an affirmative action President. But when the newspapers er I mean the Propaganda News services give Obama a free ride. They did not demand his unaltered birth certificate to prove that he is, by the law, worthy to be President.

Wonder why his grandmother died so soon after Obama was elected. She could have shed light on this. Amazingly she died before she could say anything. Maybe we should check into that.

There are too many questions, and the Propaganda Papers refuse to ask the hard questions. That makes Obama an Affirmatve Action President.

Need more proof. Watch the BBC. Watch the news from around the world. Get a feeling what other countries are viewing and feeling about America and Obama.

Obama is a CROOK, LIAR and THEIF. Any Questions?

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