Saturday, August 15, 2009

Corrupted town hall meeting

I was watching Obama town hall meeting and a planted Obamalander brought up or I should say started to bring up the shut down of talk radio. The crowd was ready to turn ulgy in a real short second. Obama and his putrid coalition are the ones presenting misinformation.

What was that web address that the White house sent to everyone to report on your neighbors? KGB, East German Police? Ring any bells.

If you are 30 or younger you have no idea unless you are a History major. When the press actually reported the news and didn't make up fictitous stories to support their way of thinking.
I also listened to NPR (Now President's Radio) They also brought up the shut down of talk radio without actually saying it. Saying parts of the press are presenting misinformation. They are talking about Beck and Rush. Bringing up racism, calling Beck a racist from one story that Beck had a little time ago.

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