Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saving this country

Here is proof that the Democrats have thrown out the
Constitution and need to be removed from office
for crimes against the people.


Reform is needed in Washington, D.C.
A response:

Demacrats? Who was in office for the last 8 years?
These boys should be exiled out of this country!They
lied about the war in Iraq, The Enron Scandle!
Alot of people died because of their
shinnanigans.They should all go hunting with
Dick" We wouldnt have these problems if we
had alittle more oversight! Think for yourself
for a change.Stop liveing in fear created by the
media! I must go" I have to try to sell my house
so I can get much needed medical treatment.
I hope I dont get shot with an assult rifle on
the way! how would I pay for that? Any
Republican Ideas???

my response:

Yea, Get rid of the politicans and revoke the laws that they put in place, revoke income tax and go to fair tax so everyone pays. Close the borders and get rid of the illegal aliens. That will save BILLIONS!!! If you actually did any true homework you would see all politicans have to go. I had a problem with President Bush too, but he did not try to destroy the country. Obama wants to destroy this country with the help of the press. If you bother to open your eyes and actually look at whats going on you too would get rid of these crooks too.

That is if you are not a freeloader. Are one of those people who has a HDTV, XBox 360, Playstation3 but refuses to buy Health Care? Wants other people to pick up the tab for you? Can't hold a job because of antisocial skills?

Is all of this too close to home. Maybe you need to take a closer look at your life instead of blaming others jump in and set America back on track to being the greatest country in the world. The country that everyone wants to go too.

So wake up and smell the crap the politicans are trying to push down your throat.

put that in your pipe and smoke it.!!!

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