Saturday, August 22, 2009

are all Americans that f-ing stupid

You are complaining about how the government is spending money, but do you actually listen to the news, the president and the other American people?

Obama goes after the insurance companies saying that profit is EVIL! Well look at it this way:

1, The insurance Co. profits help make payouts. If you sue a Doctor who pays? The insurance from the profits they make. If the can't make profits they can't sell insurance and everyone goes on Obama Care. Not acceptable.

2. If insurance Co.s can't make profits they can't offer insurance. So if your house burns down, guess what no money no insurance check. No rebuilding.

3. If insurance co.'s can't make profits they can't offer insurance. So you spend 20,000.00 dollars on a new car and an illegal driving an uninsured car plows into you and he takes off. You are out of a 20,000.00 car plus the cost of removal and no insurance to pay you back.

This government is trying to destroy this country. Its no Socalism its destruction.

But the American people are too F-ing stupid to figure this out.

We need as Americans to REMOVE ALL CURRENT CORRUPT POLITICANS from office. Repeal the corrupt laws on the books and start again.

National the Governments only job not education, not health care, not alot of things they are into and destroying.

A saying that was true 50 years ago and is more relevent today than ever before:
Anything the Government touches they destroy. The only thing the government does that is acceptable is the military. They don't take care of vets but they know how to produce equipment that works but refuse to give it to the troops. Like hummers, and bullet proof life vests.

To check on how corrupt the government really is remember Congress was put up there as a voluntary position. Not a life long politican collecting benfits that the middle class or below cannot afford.

They continue to give themselves pay raises while taxing the American people more and more.

This is what happens to America when you have non American running the country. He is happy to destroy this country and the F-ing American people are allowing this to happen.

Then you have stimulus. The president takes one TRILLION to bail out banks and autos and try to take over electricity, and food growing. They want to keep you from growing your own garden.

Then Barny Frank takes ther money that the banks paid back and is now spending it like it is extra income. This is my money that should be used to reduce the debt but instead he is spending it on personal projects. What the F--k. Again Corrupt politicans have to be removed from office. Never to hold office again and removed all their preks.

We need to start fresh go back to the Constitution and rebuild this country the way our founding fathers envisiond. not with corrupt lazy people who write bills but refuse to read them. This is a rubber stamp Dicatorship that needs to be removed.

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