Monday, August 24, 2009

We need to save America NOW!

Before you go "Here's another nut case" Take the time to get off you high horse and actually pay attention on how OUR government is going to destroy us.

There is proof and it is from 1958. Yes 1958, thats 50 years ago and they knew that our government was on the road to destroying this country. This man actually lays out each and every step that our government will take to destroy us. Then you look at what Obama is doing and it is to the letter to what this man talked about 50 years ago.

You don't think that there is corruption in our government replay the video.

General Conspiracy Discussion - the title of the video is ****mind blowing speech from 1958****

you can reach it at

If your eyes are not opened by this then you are already corrupted. Ignore this blog. You are not interested in the truth.

Go ahead and keep watching Obama's propaganda news services. You will never be told the truth and you can die as an ignorant ass.

Stupidity is bliss to the ignorant ones.

There is alot of information at this web site. You do some research on your own and see that this is up to snuff. Then you have to make a decision. Do you want to keep things the way they are? Being able to buy a Xbox 360 instead of health insurance. Being able to buy an HDTV instead of buying health care.

If you are ready to keep America free you need to remove the corrupt politicans from office.

This will open your eyes.........

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