Friday, August 28, 2009

My top ten list

First I would like to say goodbye to Senator Kennedy. Trillions will be saved.

Second I am sad at the Democratic party for trying to rewrite the laws AGAIN to ensure another Democrat is placed in Senator Kennedy's spot. - Corruption at the highest levels.

Third we need to remove the other 99 Senators in Washington. Trillions could be saved here.

Fourth watching McCain's town hall meetings and he is as corrupt as the Democrats. Trillions could be saved.

Fifth we need to stop sending tax dollars out of the country. Bring back our troops, and CLOSE THE BORDERS!!! Trillions upon Trillions could be saved here alone.

Sixth we need to remove all Congresswomen/men from office. Trillions could be saved.

Seventh END GOLDEN PARACHUTE BENIFITS that Congress has given themselves. Billions could be saved.

Eighth move to the fair tax vs. the current tax system - I.R.S. would no longer exist. Billions could be saved right here.

Ninth put in place that no law can move this country from freedom to socialism or worse and reduce the size of Federal, State and Local Governments. TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS Will be saved here.

Tenth Put CZARS under control of Congress, better yet get rid of CZARS all together. Billions will be saved.

LAST not but not forgetten NO TO CURRENT BILLS IN CONGRESS, Cap and Tax, Health Care. anything Obama wants. TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS will be saved here.

You see a pattern forming? TRILLIONS can and will be saved by going thru these ten +1 steps.
We will not have to leave our children/grand children with a civil war.

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