Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bullet train to Hell

Obama is in charge of the bullet train to Hell. We need to destroy the tracks before it gets there or we are all screwed. Corrupted Officials at every corner. They need to loose their jobs to save our country - America.

If Obama hates America that much get the F*ck out.

I am not ashamed of America.

Traitors in charge of a country is just the way to destroy the country. That is where we are today.

I can call him a traitor when he is sorry for how great America is.

Proof is in the birth records he has hidden.

Why are they hidden? He is not fit to lead the country. That is why he is destroying this country.
Because he did not grow up here and he did not love the country he learned to hate. Just look at who he calls friends.

A friend who blows up Police stations.... We call that terrorism. A preacher who preaches racism and hate. Obama the man who can't and won't tell the truth. And Corruption that leads to the highest levels of Washington.

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