Thursday, July 30, 2009

Slaves in America Unite

Are you wondering what this is about?

As simple as I can make it.

The blacks in the country are wooing over Obama as the second coming.

There is a second coming alright, but its not Obama. It's Slavery.

I can hear you all out there saying "What the hell are you talking about"?

Maybe you had a great great grandparent that was a slave. Obama wants to repay the blacks for the sins of the slave owners. He wants to give them free health care, free housing, free whatever.

Sounds like slavery to me. HEY STUPID wake up and smell the shit coming your way.

You are going to let a corrupt carrier politician vote you into slavery, not just the blacks but everyone. Look Obama wants you to work for 10 years to the Federal Government free of charge. Then he will give you a job that he wants you to work at. At a price he wants to pay you. At a place he wants to send you.

I am not ashamed of America. Obama might be, since he didn't grow up here, but I am not. I did grow up here and I am proud of America, I am proud of the Military and I defended the Constitution of the United States of America. Unlike the politicians they take the oath then stomp all over it.

Obama has not spoken the truth since he entered the White House. He promises change. The change you are getting is Socialism and slavery.

Be wary of your politican who has no problems placing you into slavery while diverting your tax dollars to other countries. Did you catch that? Your tax dollars to TERRORIST countries.
This is the carrier politican at work. Voting themselves pay raises while taking every spare cent you can earn and spending it on whatever they want to spend it on.

The corrupt politicans need to be removed from office before America no longer exists.

Besides where are the rich in the world going to get top notch health care if Obamacare takes over?

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