Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What the F?&k Dictator Obama?

When did Obama turn this country into a Dictatorship?

Obama News on ABC. Then he wants to seize FREE COMPANIES???

Whats next getting thrown in jail for disagreeing with a Dictator?

Sounds like whats happening in Iran but this is happening in America.

We have a President that wants to destroy this country.

He wants to destroy Health care. Cap and tax is a joke.

Obama is bad for this country.

No balls Barry ummm Barrack with his stance on Iran.

We have a crisis in this country and its called Obama.

He is the crisis we are suffering now. Whats happening in Iran now could easily happen here with Obama siezing control of free companies. Forcing Socialism on America.

If you can't afford health care then why do you have a HDTV?, New Car? New Computer? New cell phone with all the bells and whistles.?

I have health care. I can't afford HDTV, New Car, New cell phone with all the bells and whistles. New computer.

Those are choices that people make. I picked health care over gadgets.


He is not good for this country and when is America going to wake up and smell the shit Obama is force feeding us?

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