Monday, June 29, 2009

Madoff largest swindler?

I hear everyone say the largest swindler in history is Madoff.


The largest swindler in history is Obama and the Liberals in Congress now.

Madoff swindled billions that is chump change compaired to this administration who so far has swindled the American tax payer out of TRILLIONS and looking for more.......

Hold on to your wallet. Pull out your crisis manual. America is about to drop into a crisis of unbelievable porportions. The President is as corrupt if not more than Madoff. The American people are just not smart enough to figure it out. Must be the Government School Grads.

The Government has proven how to destroy things. They are corrupt. Look at Social Security and Medicare. Funded well but the Democrats swindled the money from those plans to fund personal projects (i.e. steal the money which they did) now they no longer steal money from funds they now go stright to the tax payer. Forcing bogus bills to get money from the tax payer.

Wake up America. Now they are setting their sights on health care. Say no..... to Obama care.

Just another peg in the corruption of America.

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